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For instance, babies are amazing learning machines. But if you offer them emotional support, security, "mind-minded" conversations,your baby can read amazon some toys and the freedom to explore, they already have a “super-enriched” environment. The animal experiments on the brain benefits of "enrichment" weren’t about flash cards and DVDs. They were about the difference between rats living alone in small, empty boxes and rats living in boxes with social companions and a few toys.There are some remarkable exceptions, like the toddler who surprised Ann Curry on TODAY in 2008 when Curry pulled out a cue card with a word the child had never seen before. She successfully mouthed the word "kangaroo," but experts say the vast majority of children cannot be taught to read until their brains are developed enough.And I’m concerned about the potential for baby can read program Baby-coaching might divert infants away from independent exploration and problem-solving. Recent experiments suggest that preschoolers show less ingenuity and critical thinking when they are exposed to something like formal instruction — an authoritative adult telling them how a toy is supposed to work.your baby can read complete set Do we really need to tell babies — who have an incredibly stimulating, everyday world to figure out — what to memorize? I don’t think so.

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